Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery
Long design life up to 12 years
Design for Deep Cycle

Typical Applications

1. Electric tools 7. Illumination light
2. Vehicle in place of walking 8. Fire alarms
3. Lawn mowers 9. Portable power
4. Golf trolleys and golf cart 10. Wheelchairs
5. Portable apparatus, lights and instruments; 11. Medical equipments.
6. Electric toys

General Features

  1. Using oxygen recombination technology: maintenance-free
  2. Special grid alloy: less gassing, less self-discharging
  3. For longer cycle life: special paste formula, over dimensioned negative plate,optimised  manufacturing process , additives for deep discharge
  4. High quality AGM separator: extend cycle life and prevent micro short circuit
  5. ABS material: increase the strength of battery container. (Flame-retardant ABS is optional)