Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery
Long design life up to 12 years
Design for For standard 19-inch cabinet.

Typical Applications

  1. For standard 19-inch or 23-inch power cabinets.
  2. Network connection equipment of communication system
  3. Power system of special network or local area network
  4. UPS, standby power supply
  5. Power station systems

General Features

  1. Specifically ideal for 19 inch or 23 inch power cabinets
  2. Front terminals make the installation, maintenance and supervision easy
  3. Shield designs protect terminals from short circuit and show good appearance
  4. Unique vent valve design: reduce water losing and prevent air/spark going inside
  5. Thick plates, special formula of paste and plate making process for a long service life
  6. ABS material: increase the strength of battery container (Flame-retardant ABS is optional)